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From time to time I create images that lie outside my major focus.  Scroll down to see these creative wanderings...


This series is based on tree bark.  Artists often explore the color and line of a tree etched against a beautiful sky. I'm more interested in what you see if you "zoom in" on the subject.  I'm intrigued by the organisms and environs that are revealed and the range of color, texture and pattern that can be composed into an almost-abstract image while remaining firmly rooted in realistic representation.



A  landscape allows us to capture a broad view of the world that surrounds us -  the beauty, the power, the silence, or the moodiness -  and this vision lets us live with it indoors.  It helps us conjure memories and calm or excite our spirit.  While my major focus is to view natures"small treasures" intimately and present them in large scale, periodically, I love the challenge of presenting the broader picture.


A still life is a wonderful vehicle that can satisfy a variety of purposes.  It is often used by an artist as a means to focus on the more formal components of art - the study of light and shadow, value or composition.  It can encourage the artists technical skills with the translucency of glass, the reflection of metal, the luster of shells, the texture of fabric or the velvet richness of a petal. The objects included can be random or chosen with great care to convey deeper meaning  or emotion, to commemorate or even draw a portrait or self portrait.  Most of my work verges on a more natural, informal approach to still life but I enjoy the structure of the traditional approach as well.


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